Become a dealer

1. To work with the service as a supplier, you need to register in the form by selecting "User Type" - "Supplier".

IMPORTANT! Be sure to indicate a real email address - through it communication on orders will be carried out.

2. After registration, the manager will contact you to confirm the application and give you access to the supplier's personal account.

3. In your personal account on the "Profile" page, you need to fill in the data about your company.

4. On the "Products" page, create your catalog.

This can be done manually, or using a csv file (edited from Excel).

An example file for downloading the catalog is available here. The first line of the file is the field codes.

The description of the fields is available at the link. Required fields in the description are marked with an asterisk *.

Items on file must always be higher than their trade offers.

Photos are sent as links separated by commas.

You can download more detailed instructions for working in the Supplier's Personal Account.

Download instructions for working in the partner's personal account

After uploading the catalog in your personal account, your products will appear in the website catalog and you can order them.

6. When the buyer places an order for your goods, a notification will be sent to the mail and phone you specified. After paying for the order in your personal account, you must indicate the status of work with the order - Assembly, Assembled, Transferred to the shopping mall, Delivered.

You can always get information support on working with the service by calling the consulting service 

Tel: +7-923-172-14-11

We wish you pleasant work and good sales!

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